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Retail Security Solutions - Loss Prevention

As the cost of everyday living grows the incidence of retail theft is also increasing.Protecting stock against theft and damage has become crucial, a good retail security system will help do that.

Today managing your store’s loss prevention isn’t enough, the reach & effectiveness of traditional loss prevention can be maximised by implementing store business intelligence solutions.

Retail security is an asset no business can do without.


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Tyco Retail Solutions Bolsters its Leadership Position as an End-to-End RFID Inventory Solution Provider

January 2017 Tyco Retail Solutions strengthens its leadership position as the go-to solution provider for retailers implementing inventory solutions... more

Tyco Retail Solutions named key title sponsor of Retail Risk 2017

December 2016 Greater industry collaboration identified as key to tackling retail crime.... more

Integrating RFID and Loss Prevention

December 2015 Shrink Visibility: Integrating RFID and Loss Prevention... more

Introducing Sensormatic Synergy Series

December 2015 Tyco Retail Solutions today announced the commercial availability of its leading-edge Sensormatic Synergy Series to deliver added value for its global retail customers.... more

Achieving Shoplifting Deterrence

December 2015 Latest white paper to help optimize your loss prevention program... more

Shrink Visibility: A More Profitable Retail Environment

December 2015 Shrink Visibility: A More Profitable Retail Environment... more

Tyco Retail Solutions Previews Innovative Sensormatic Synergy Series at NRF Protect

September 2015 Tyco Retail Solutions will be previewing its leading-edge Sensormatic Synergy Series at NRF Protect 2015, June 23-25 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center.... more

Tyco Retail Solutions Debuts Next Generation Sensormatic Advanced Performance EAS Labels

September 2015 Tyco Retail Solutions today introduced its next generation Sensormatic Advanced Performance (APX) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labels designed to provide premier merchandise protection in a variety of retail environments.... more

Celebrating 50 Years of Sensormatic Innovation

September 2015 Today over 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers use Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic brand Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), source tagging, traffic counting and inventory intelligence solutions to reduce loss, improve store operations and enhance the shopper experience.... more

ChainLink Research Examines the ROI Benefits of RFID for Retail

September 2015 As shopper expectations continue to grow, inventory accuracy and visibility is a business imperative—and it starts with RFID... more

RFID ROI Estimator Tool

September 2015 Developed in conjunction with ChainLink Research, our new web tool guides retailers through an easy 2-step process to show how operational metrics can improve dramatically with RFID.... more

Retailers Trust Tyco Retail Solutions to Accelerate Store Performance with RFID Technology

May 2015 As the retail industry undergoes transformation, RFID has emerged as a critical, enabling technology for retailers competing in an omni-channel world and a cornerstone for the retail Internet of Things (IoT).... more

Best in Show - RFID Beam Steering Antenna

May 2015 Tyco Retail Solutions showcased its Sensormatic Beam Steerable RFID Antenna, finalist for Product Best in Show Award, recently at RFID Journal LIVE! at the San Diego Convention Center.... more

Stop ‘cut and run’ smart device theft in its tracks with Gripzo

March 2015 As thieves become more opportunistic and retailers are left exasperated by the growing incidents of ‘cut and run’ theft... more

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August 2014 Check out the latest TRS & Sensormatic FB posts.... more

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August 2014 Check out the latest TRS Google+ posts...... more

Tyco Retail Solutions brings Walmart to speak at Retail Loss Prevention conference

May 2014 As an associate partner of the upcoming Retail Loss Prevention conference, Tyco Retail Solutions is bringing Walmart’s Director of Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives to Sydney... more

How retailers can protect customers from in-store security threats

May 2017 Historically, Australia has been considered a very safe country but rising crime rates in some parts of Australia coupled with constant media and political attention regarding the potential for national security incidents, can cause people to worry about their safety.... more

Security tips to help retailers maximise festive season sales and minimise theft

November 2016 December and January can be the busiest times of year for many retailers. The festive shopping and New Year sales period often see a frenzy of people rushing to purchase last minute gifts or take advantage of heavily discounted items.... more

How intelligent technology can help monitor your store’s POS

November 2014 Shoplifting and employee theft account for more than 70 per cent of shrinkage in Australia and procedural loss accounts for another 21 per cent.... more

TrueVue Store Performance Solution For Retailers

September 2014 As the Australian retail sector braces for the impact of dynamic global brands... more

Innovation is Always in Fashion at Soma Intimates

July 2014 RFID technology from TRS supports Soma's... more

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