Integrated technology platform delivers unprecedented store performance 

As the Australian retail sector braces for the impact of dynamic global brands entering the local market, retailers who fail to keep pace with technology will be left struggling to survive.  New retail strategies are using emerging technologies to help reinvigorate traditional bricks and mortar stores.  These changes are bringing exciting interactive in-store experiences to shoppers while also optimising store performance using real-time, live streaming, data-gathering capabilities.  

Tyco Retail Solutions is at the forefront of this new technology, providing inventory and traffic intelligence.  Our TrueVUE platform is a highly sophisticated integrated store performance tool providing unprecedented store visibility to help retailers transform their business operations.  The integrated system can monitor multiple solutions in real-time to track customer foot traffic and buyer behaviour, security and inventory shrinkage, and address staff productivity and efficiency.  It can capture, interpret, report and intelligently respond to operational data across multiple stores and provide clear access to the information via an easy to read dashboard.   

A study conducted by Tyco Retail Solutions in conjunction with ChainLink, revealed a surge in retailers adopting new high end technology, such as RFID.  The benefits of tracking store loss, shrinkage and inventory with pinpoint accuracy were cited as the key motivators for their investment due to the ability to deliver a quick ROI in terms of store performance and increased profit.  With a unified RFID infrastructure, you can manage store operations and drive value effectively from intelligence collected at dock doors, portals, Point-of-Sale (POS), mobile devices, smart surfaces and smart shelves.         

Building on this, the TrueVUE Traffic Intelligence platform provides a better understanding of retail traffic, so you can improve conversion rates, staffing levels, promotions and the overall customer experience. Capturing and measuring customer traffic can help you find ways to increase customer satisfaction and maximise profits, too.

If you’re looking to boost your store performance and gain an unprecedented level of visibility across your stores, using an integrated solutions system, like Tyco’s TrueVUE Retail Platform, will prove an invaluable investment. 

Author: Michael Day

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