Stop ‘cut and run’ smart device theft in its tracks with Gripzo 

Sydney, Australia, 10 March 2015:

As thieves become more opportunistic and retailers are left exasperated by the growing incidents of ‘cut and run’ theft (where retractable cords are cut from smart device displays), anew anti-theft solution has been designed to protect publicly displayed smart devices.

Tyco Retail Solutions, a leading provider of retail performance and security solutions, has introduced Gripzo to the Australian market. Gripzo is a new mechanical anti-theft protection product, designed in the Netherlands, that features a lock down and quick release mechanism to safeguard smart devices in public spaces.

Featuring easily adjustable forged steel grips, Gripzo is a ‘one size fits all’ concept and the device touchscreen seeks to remain completely accessible whether it is in lock down or release mode. Gripzo does not rely on electronic or alarm components but uses an easy key operation. It is a simple to use and hassle free security solution.

Michael Day, National Retail Manager at Tyco Retail Solutions comments, “Nearly three quarters of Australians own a smart device and the latest models are always highly sought after products targeted by thieves. Retailers need to keep devices on display to encourage sales, while other facilities use them to interact with the public and provide information. Gripzo is ideal for anyone needing to lock down publicly displayed devices, yet is flexible enough for them to be released as and when required.”

Gripzo can be used in almost any environment that relies on the interactive use of smart devices and tablets in public spaces. Such environments could include electronic retailers, telecommunications stores, supermarkets and departments stores, semi-public exhibition spaces, workplaces and office buildings.

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