Tyco Retail Solutions named key title sponsor of Retail Risk 2017

Greater industry collaboration identified as key to tackling retail crime

December 2016: Fighting retail crime and loss prevention continues to be a major issue forthe retail sector. As thieves continue to find new ways to beat retail security systems, protecting high value items, such as designer clothing, gadgets and alcohol, is becoming increasingly difficult. Adding to the security pressures are rising incidents of internal theft as well as the challenge of keeping track of inventory as more retailers adopt an omni-channel sales platform.

As a global leader in integrated retail performance and security, Tyco Retail Solutions is proud to be the title sponsor for Retail Risk 2017, which will be hosted at Bayview Eden, Melbourne on February 9, 2017. Retail Risk is a global initiative designed to help the retail industry tackle crime through increased collaboration. Each event brings together local and international experts, academics, and law enforcement agencies and is a valuable opportunityfor the industry to learn about and discuss effective and best practice strategies to address retail risk and loss prevention.

According to Michael Day, National Retail Manager, Tyco Retail Solutions, “In today’s technology age, data and video analytics are taking security to new levels that go beyond traditional security. It’s time for retailers to harness superior intelligence to better manage every facet of their business – reducing risk,addressing loss prevention, maximising staff efficiency and leveraging sales opportunities.

Speaking at the 2017 event on behalf of Tyco Retail Solutions will be Steve Schenk, Business Development Manager - Inventory Specialist. Steve has more than 25 years of experience in retail, manufacturing and loss prevention and is an Australian specialist in RFID technology.

At Retail Risk, Steve will discuss how RFID is poised to become a vital loss prevention tool that can also help retailers maximise sales with accurate inventory tracking.

Eric C. White, a renowned global security expert, speaker and author, will also bespeaking at Retail Risk 2017. Based in the US, Eric is a specialist in retail security, people protection and security technology and will share insights into how retailers can prepare for heightened security in an age of global terrorism.  

Retail Risk is a leading industry event that is attended by more retail risk and loss prevention professionals globally than any other. Attendees will hear from an impressive line of up speakers at its 2017 Melbourne event, including Brand L. Elverston,Director, Strategic Initiatives, Asset Protection at Walmart. Brand was recently appointed Director of the Operational Execution team to evaluate execution and effectiveness of key strategic company programs at store level.

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To register for Retail Risk 2017 visit www.retailrisk.com

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